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The work of the NNI hub includes the interconnection of all nettle information in one place, to process this range of an unusual pile of information and to contradict it so that, with the help of modern technologies, we can find and present an effective solution to any problem cultivation or processing of nettles to customers (intensive farm, organic farmer, industrial, self-employed) or end-users. A solution so that, in the event of their interest in nettle, they do not have to travel the path of affliction without pleasure unnecessarily again.

- basic research and development at levels from the whole plant through its mesh, cells to the level of chemistry of prothesosynthetic and general metabolic pathways,
- work at the levels of practical technological and processing applications in all spheres of national economies,
- specific people, specific economic operators. 


This work of the NNI hub can be an inspiration to the selfless cooperation of science and business in the areas of new technology transfers. Although in our case it is neither a new kind of computing, nor a new generation of robotic automation, nor a revolutionary discovery in the use of electromagnetic waves, yet the cars with the concept of the NNI hub certainly belong to the inclusion in the train set of shared economy . No one has to copy, the strain of a glorious competitive struggle often leads to health problems. With nettle we fifty-fifty and fit.


Most often we hear that nettle grows everywhere and is therefore available to everyone. Although this is a really good subject for extensive discussion, nature seems to want nettle to really be available to everyone. So let it really be available to everyone, equilibrium with nature, human art, even with the often rejected "consumerism", with territorial units and any economic groupings. Do we believe too much? Follow us, step by step you will get acquainted with the nettle in the mouth of the NNI and if you want, you will become friends of her. You'll find we didn't overdo a little bit.


Nettle inconspicuously interferes with the very wide sphere of human action from ancient times. The purpose of the NNI mushroom is to negotiate such conditions with nettle that it begins to interfere conspicuously into that very wide sphere of human action. We have a framework agreement with it already concluded, driven by the pull between inputs and outputs, and we believe that the contract and the relationship are to be and are correct, balanced, nothing breaks them and enters a friendship that can last for generations.


From the application portfolio, which we associate and which is found from Nuevo Leon to Seoul in our country you will find to varying degrees represented nettle: biomass, fertilizer, feed, fabric, oil, cereal, vegetables, food, dietary supplement, probiotic, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals . 


We can talk about each of these application areas for a long time. About how nettle biomass is regenerative, auto-regulatory and stimulating with regard to local ecological threads, how interesting feed can be achieved with a little Michurinsky charm, which can be even more interesting nettle garment "Vin + Omi" from the nettle garden Prince Charles (smile) how beneficial both classical and nutritional cosmetics can be made from selected parts of the body of nettle, into what basic dishes and to which all kitchen treatments can be used nettle and many adventures associated with it. Let's talk, let's trust each other. All you have to do is follow us.


Among nettle food products you will find such products, for which even classic large food businesses or food retail may not be ashamed. They are both conventional and organic products. Superfood, kitchen ingredients and semi-finished products, products for direct consumption originating from ecologically clean locations, of course glutein-free and lactic products, vegetarian and vegan foods. Typical products of bakers, confectionery, liqueurs, brewers, doctors, cheesemakers, butchers, sausage scarves. It is not only these nominal products that can find an excellent foundation or ingredient in technologically properly processed and prepared nettle. Nettle raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products can be found packed in recyclable or degradable packaging, in a protective atmosphere, vacuumed, fresh and chilled and frozen.


The effects of nettle mainly affect the kidneys (blood and body purification), pancreas (regulation of blood sugars) and spleen (restoration of blood and blood formation). This is basically very sufficient, to the extent that a number of follow-up metabolic processes are associated with it. In addition to promoting the activity of the pancreas and its internal secretion of hormones regulating the processing of sugars in the organism, nettle acts beneficially on the blood. Blood can be cleaned, enriched and honestly restored and better performs its function of distributing nutrients and other necessary substances into cells of the whole body. And a healthy cell = a healthy body. Healthy body = healthy spirit. On the contrary, of course (smile).


Given the fact that in classical intensive farming products, functional content levels have been declining for several decades in a row, properly processed or modified nettle can become one of the supporting food raw materials, supplements or industrial-scale aditives. Probably not in one calendar year. We're here for you.

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