The Nettle World Guide

The Nettle Net International hub is a free, project group that collects and brings information about urticaria in various subjects, from various authors, from faculty institutes, research institutes, institutes, associations, farms, processors, and other individuals or companies together.

It's all about the nettle. 


  • * the popularizing nettle and spreading awareness (eg through consultations, lectures, facebook group "Nettle NNI")
  • * the expanding opportunities for nettle cultivation on farms (ie. end-user, consumer availability)
  • * the publication of methodologies and technologies of practical applications of nettle in industry (articles in scientific journals, e-books, wikipedia, utility models, methodologies, workshops)


  • * the study of nettle biology (scientific workplaces and growers)
  • * the publishing ways of applying nettle in everyday life and at home (motivating the public to share their knowledge of using nettle as a fiber plant or its health benefite by publishing books, creating tutorials, photos, cookbooks, video clips, blogs, web articles)


  • * the nettle everyday availability to everyone
  • * the linking all available sources and resources about the botanical genus of nettle (information from domestic and foreign language publications about the botanical genus of nettle, public experience about the botanical genus of nettle)

Discover the nettle world wide.

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